Asian girlfriend’sWhat is she like?

Asian teen girls are very visual. This can be verified by the fact that Asian women look after themselves well and they prefer good-looking men. They always keep their house tidy and clean as well as themselves. If you’re dating a fashion-conscious Asian girl, make sure you don’t make her lose face while going out together. If you’re not into fashion at all, at least you should be presentable. Wear clean and ironed clothes, do a haircut and wear some high-end perfume.

Asian women look very gentle, but they’re actually very strong inside, even though they’re called the most feminine ladies in the world. A typical Asian woman talks and walks like a lady, but you need to be aware of the fact that the typical Asian woman has a very strong heart. She has standards and she’s firm. In other words, when she communicates she sounds polite but strong at the same time, so you have to respect her words and meet her expectations. Don’t bully Asian women simply because they look feminine, gentle and defenseless. Actually, they’re very powerful inside, that’s why they dare to be so feminine and gentle to you.

Asian women are smart and can easily manage personal and family finances. In many Asian households the wife is the person who’s in charge of the family’s finances. When the husband goes out with his wife, he pays for everything but as a matter of fact, it was her who gave them money to do so. That means, the husband works hard, and it’s his wife’s duty to manage their family finances. Many Asian women are very interested in learning finance management so they’re well-equipped with the right knowledge to do right things including investment.

Asian women are jealous. This is true, Asian women are probably more jealous than Western women. That’s because in Asian culture competition is fierce, and threats are everywhere. Therefore, Asian girls are taught how to win that competition very early in life. If you understand female phycology, your Asian girlfriend’s jealousy will probably help you instead of hindering your relationship. Her jealousy actually means that she truly cares about you and her relationship with you. Just give her more attentions and love, showing that she’s the only one you care for.

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Major mistakes in dating an Asian woman

Winning her heart is not that hard as it may seem as long as you’re aware of common mistakes that you should avoid. Asian girl and white guy can easily get along if a man doesn’t do the following things:

  1. Approach every Asian woman in the street. Although, oftentimes quantity leads to quality in dating and relationships, you shouldn’t approach every Asian woman in the street. If you live in a relatively small city in the Western country, there’re a lot of Asian women who actually know each other. They tend to hang out with each other pretty often so if you approach every one of them, they’ll eventually know about you and it doesn’t improve your image at all. Therefore, you should be more strategic and figure out another way to meet Asian women more efficiently and effectively.
  2. Tell her that all your ex-girlfriends and ex-wives are Asian. She definitely doesn’t want to know that you only date Asian women because it doesn’t make her feel special. That makes her think that you chose her only because of her race. What she wants to hear is that you actually prefer Western women but you changed your mind when you met her. Try to avoid talking about your ex-girlfriends and ex-wives if you can. If she asks you about your past, you can say something like that: “I don’t think the past is that important because I can’t even remember it clearly, It’s so boring”.
  3. Look at other busty Asian women photos on your phone or PC and let her know it. Many Western men have thousands of Asian women’s photos on their computer. If your Eastern girlfriend knows what’s there, you might become creepy in her eyes immediately. So if you really do have a thousand of Asian women’s photos on your computer, please save all of them on some CD or SD-card that she will never come across.
  4. Ask her to teach you origami or any other typical Asian stuff. If you know for sure her roots and interests, the question might be relevant, but never ask for something like that in the beginning of your date. Your girl might appear to be Chinese instead of Japanese, and it will make the situation really awkward.
  5. Ask if marrying non-Asian is normal for her country. It will sound like you think of Asian countries as some super ancient behind the times part of the world. All Asian countries are pretty modern and liberal, so such a question will be considered as rude and disrespectful.

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