Dating SecretsI recently purchased a book about Dating Secrets which consists of 15 Mistakes Men Make Which Women Hate. The book is written by Tony Sanders telling you everything which is not by any woman. He is a normal guy like us who happens to know what women want and how to fulfill their needs.

The tips in the Dating Secrets book are admittedly to the point. And yea, I doesn’t matter whether you are handsome or not and whether you are intelligent or not. These dating secrets are for all those men who want a girl in their arms. Believe me, there are so many things that I have read in the book about dating. The book is full of original stuffs that you need to know if you are serious for dating.

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So here in this post I will give you a brief information about the Dating Secrets.

I mentioned it above that the book focus on 15 mistakes men make which women hate. All the things you should avoid are written in the Dating Secrets. Even, you will get to know about things that actually works!

I am gonna discuss about the real Dating Secrets now.

Mistake 1 – Using Lines : If you think that using creative lines can impress any girl then you are wrong my friend. So, this is the first mistake which Tony discussed in the book.

Mistake 2 – Waiting For Her To Talk : This is again something guys feel while on a date. Every guy has to take initiative if you want a girl to respect you and fall in love with you. But, how can you start? This is what again Tony has explained all about it in this topic.

Mistake 3 – Complimenting Her Right Way : If you are one of those who is blinded by her beauty and compliments about her beauty straight way. Then my friend, you will be losing your girlfriend on the very first date! My previous post was all about things guys should not do on a first date.

Mistake 4 – Doing What She Says : Seriously guys, STOP being weak in front of her. In this topic, Dating Secrets book will guide you – how to show your finer qualities.

Mistake 5 – Trying To Blend In : There are so many guys who don’t what exactly to wear in a party? So, dressing sense is really important if you want to a girl to like you. Tony will tell you what you should wear at different places to stand out from crowd.

Mistake 6 – Bad Body Language : This is the most common mistake made by guys while introducing themselves with a girl. Dating Secrets book has the potential to make you learn things as a perfectionist. You will get to know about some amazing and unique things which are never used by guys to impress girls.

Mistake 7 – Not pushing the boundaries (Get that number!) : Girls always saying in their mind “ask my number” or “lets go out on date”. But if you are unable to do it at a particular time. Then, I must say you really need this book. If you don’t ask for it, you just failed in the step One of dating.

Mistake 8 – Being Arrogant : You might think that this is pretty simple technique. You have to be polite and confident, & you won the BATTLE. Is it what are you thinking ? Dude, you need to confident everywhere not over-confident. This is why you are looking for some Dating Secrets that really worked.

Mistake 9 – Being Too Needy : Are you one of those who needs constant emotional support? Well, you will never be loved with a girl you want. This is the bitter truth if you are of this kind. Part of the problem is that most guys don’t recognize what is needy and what is respectable behavior. Leave all this thing on Dating Secrets and get noticed by the girl you want in few seconds.

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Mistake 10 – Asking for Permission : It falls into the same long string of things that will have you giving up your power over a conversation – asking permission. So many guys do it though, it’s a wonder that the human race is even able to continue procreating. Tony has an experience of things that really don’t work on date! All you need to do things in a right way!

Mistake 11 – Not cleaning up : Guys are mostly slobs and that’s the reason they can’t go on a date in their early teenage years. Tony has mentioned 8 things to keep a check while going on date to meet your girlfriend.

Mistake 12 – Taking Yourself Too Seriously : If taking yourself seriously is so called mistake, then don’t act so funny in front of the girl you have stalking since long. You need to know which time is better for what things?

Mistake 13 – Expecting to fail : This can be the first thing you need to know about dating. Dating Secrets book guides even non-attractive, non-interesting people to stand out with this amazing trick!

Mistake 14 – Taking It Personally : Lots of guys take it personally when they get turned down. But, think about it. A beautiful woman gets approached how many times in a single night? Five? Ten? Twenty? If you were in that list, I guarantee you that she will definitely not remember you. So, what you should do in this situation and get accepted by a girl for a first date? This is what Tony Sanders will tell you.

Mistake 15 – Lowering the Bar : Please guys, don’t decrease your standard in order to make things easier. This will make your reputation NIL. In the last, you will get to know about – how to become popular among girls?