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Women from RussiaSome women are not happy with the fact that as soon as they start their communication with a foreigner, as a response to the first letter, this foreigner is sending a nude picture, maybe in some places of the world that is considered as something normal, but not really in the ex USSR space, where women got a very severe home discipline.

A part of negative attitude towards meeting each other through the internet, is the negative opinion about the foreign men itself whom are trying to find a woman in Russia. Well personally I met my husband through this kind of marital agency, and I can say for sure, that before I met online my husband I was corresponding with hundreds of men (during almost two years) and i never got this kind of picture, i did get a lot of pictures of house inside, of the car, and of the man in various places of the world, but I never got any nude picture, which i am very thankful for by the way.

And from the other side, if something like this really happens, than I can surely understand the reasons why it happens, as all the internet is filled with the half nude pictures of women who are looking for a husband abroad, in this case, everything is pretty much equal, as women cannot complain and argue about something that they are doing on the regular basis and consider it as a right thing to do. Eventually the attitude of man depends on the letters he gets from the woman, as well as on the pictures those women are sending to him in private correspondence.sexywomenrasa

The opponents of the marital agencies state that foreigners on this kind of websites are mostly people who are not very social, and have some mental disorder, as they are not up to “standards” in their own country, they tend to find a woman abroad, from a country in which life is pretty difficult, this way the woman they choose, is eventually not that “picky” as a woman in their own country. It is simply silly to discuss and deny those things, I am sure that a lot of women who same as i got happily married with a foreigner and live with the man who considers them being his center of the Universe. Those are financially successful men who are mentally healthy and didn’t have any hidden reasons for a relation with Slavic lady.

I can say that being a wife in America means missing your homeland, so in order to avoid the feeling of nostalgia, you attend all kind of places where Russian women abroad gather in order to make new friends and get adjusted to the new life’s circumstances. While attending this kind of meetings I heard a variety of stories of successful marriages, and neither in one story I heard that woman is unhappy or is married with some criminal or bad person. The situation is pretty much opposite; all of them are married with professors, doctors, financial analytics and other people with decent professions.

So this way we come to the logical conclusion, that this is the way it usually happens in real life, there are different people: successful or not really, sick or healthy, and so on, so you will never know whether you will win or lose in this game, so it is important to stick to your priorities and not allow any man destroy your essence, character and personality with a certain bad attitude that you do not deserve at all. Life is full of ups and downs, if not going through a period of “down” it is impossible to have a nice life afterwards, and to be able to appreciate the “up” period. So do not ever fall for something that is not that significant as you deserve, it is important to respect and appreciate yourself, because if you do not love yourself, then no one will.