So, you have broken up with your special one, the person you had great plans with. Your life has changed drastically and all you have on your mind is the question of how get things back to normal and get your ex back. The present article is going to help you in this regard.

The whole process of winning your ex back depends on whether you ex is male or female. This really makes difference.

Women usually leave when their emotional needs are not met. That is why if you are looking to reconcile with your ex girlfriend or wife, you will need to work on how to meet her emotional needs. Analyze your mistakes that were committed in this field and work hard on them.

Men, in their majority, leave the relationship as they start finding it monotonous and boring. So, if you are looking to get back with your ex man, you need to show him you have changed and that this time your relationship is going to be different from what you had.

In both cases, you will need to wait for a while until a certain time passes before you can contact your ex again. If your initial contact is successful, work on the frequency of your meeting and conversations, but take it slowly in order not to scare away your ex partner.


In case you are winning your woman back, you will need to show her that you have deep respect to her feelings, emotions and opinions and that you are being attendant to what she tells you. This way you would be able to track any non-verbal clues she can be giving to you.


For the women, who wish to get their men back, a great variant will be to get their ex partner into the activities that they have enjoyed doing together as a couple. Thus, he will realize what he misses in his life at the moment and will recollect how much fun you two had when you were together. This is also a great time to show that you worked hard on yourself and have changed – a great improvement for the future possible relationship. Never try to discuss the cause of your separation and refrain from asking about his feelings, thus you risk scaring him away from you.

The following great tip works for the both sexes. A great way to get your ex back, is getting fit, if you previously let your figure go, so work on improving your shape. This will be the best thing to draw your ex’s attention to you.

Remember if you make any changes to reconcile with your ex partner, they  should be maintained in your relationship started afresh. If you fail to do this, your new relationship will see the same outcome as it once did and all your efforts to save it would make no sense. So, make sure you would be able to sustain all the chances before the process of getting your ex back to you.