In the present article you will learn the tips that will guide you to more success during these mini-dates lasting from 3 to 8 minutes. You would be able to take much of this time to impress a person, sitting opposite to you. If you fail to keep them interested and occupied during this time, you have no chances for the next date with them afterwards.

speed dating

Your look

You will never have a second chance to make the first impression. This phrase describes your situation the best. If you don’t impress your date during this short time, you will probably never see him/her in your life. So, make sure you look good, smell well and dressed appropriately. Usually there is a dress code for the speed dating events. So, this will help you choosing your outfit accordingly. Make sure you have fresh , well-styled hair, clean nails and brush your teeth; if needed, use a mouth wash or a chewing gum (however, before the event, don’t chew a gum when talking to a date). Instant attraction is a great plus for you. When you have this, you need to keep the conversation going for several minutes.


There is no need to be nervous, remember that everyone is the there for the same reason. So, relax and enjoy the event and yourself. Your over excitement can damage your concentration. So, ensure you are calm and gathered. Make sure you ask as many questions as possible during this short time and also answer as many of them as possible. The more information you learn about your date and the more you tell about yourself, the higher your chances for the further connection will increase.

speed dating

Be confident, but don’t overdo with it. What you need is be calm and show you are interested. If you get it just right, a person sitting opposite to you will find this attractive. With practice and every new date, you will get used to it and learn what works and what doesn’t.
Keep the conversation flowing.

This is very important. If any silent moments appear during this short time you have no chances with this dater. So, ask open questions that can help you open new things and go on with the conversation. Keep it easy and interesting, add humor in your conversation and if a dater stumbles on one of your questions, smile. Learn as much as possible about your date.

How Much Time Should I Spend Dating

Don’t drink too much!

Well, the outcome is clear enough.

Get in contact as quickly as possible

When you know the singles, matched up with you, contact them as soon as possible. They have the same information as you have and would expect your contact. However, don’t act like desperate or needy. Arrange a date before someone else does this.

Your happiness lies in your own hands! Good luck!