3 Transgender Dating AppsOnline Dating has become much more popular when the era of smartphones began. By 2016, in ten years, the Dating market has made a leap from $ 850 million to $ 5 billion applications for Dating — hundreds. We understand the most important thing: how to find a couple and not get money or problems.

Transdr: #1 Transgender DatingTransdr #1 Transgender Dating

Chat Dating Transdr: # 1 Transgender Dating is a world of communication and entertainment. The original style of performance turned banal Dating into an exciting adventure with the ability to create your own character. Communication will be conducted on his behalf, the General chat is available to all users, a separate channel is created for a private conversation. App Transdr: #1 Transgender Dating abounds in various activities, it is possible to have a pet, to play, to learn, to receive and give gifts, and much more. Opportunities directly depend on the invested funds, which not everyone will like, and the authority in the game environment really depends on the rank of the character, for the construction of these ranks and need cash infusion.


  • No advertising;
  • Many users;
  • Bright interesting interface;
  • Rich functionality;
  • The ability to create a unique image of your character;
  • Online games and virtual Pets;
  • Chat rooms by interests;
  • Private messages with the ability to send photos.


  • A lot of paid options, your options depend on the money spent.

Trans – #1 Transgender DatingTrans - #1 Transgender Dating

Trans – #1 Transgender Dating application is more focused on finding friends for the purpose of leisure and frivolous relationships, although there are exceptions. When registering, you fill out information about yourself and indicate the availability of the vehicle and meeting places. After filling out the profile and uploading photos in the “Want to meet” available candidates, sorted according to your preferences and are close. Communication here is not limited to the purchase of VIP, you can also send photos, adding them from your device or making directly in the app.


  • Easy and convenient interface;
  • Variability of languages;
  • Anonymity of actions;
  • Good security;
  • Availability of private chats;
  • The possibility of complete elimination of the profile.


  • Relatively few users.

In any case, you can communicate only with those people who you really like and Dating applications provide this opportunity, making the process interesting due to the large number of functions. And what happens – are the results of your efforts.

Tranx: Free Transgender DatingTranx Free Transgender Dating

Perhaps this is the most famous Dating app. If you are just starting to use your smartphone to find a girlfriend, then Tranx: Free Transgender Dating is the first program that you will use. You can join very quickly – you just upload a few photos and additional information, set your preferences by age and distance to the partner, and that’s all. Now you can wave your finger left or right, choosing the girls you like. And communicate with all who have done the same to you.

Since this is one of the most popular applications, the choice here is huge. And, judging by the researches, in Tranx: Free Dating Transgender people often do meet in person. Maybe because a huge number of people use Tranx: Free Transgender Dating not to find a partner for a relationship, but for short intrigues or sex for one night.

The app has paid features. For example, Tranx: Free Transgender Dating gives you the ability to scroll through lists of people in other cities if you plan to go somewhere. Or the function “cancel the decision” is available, if suddenly you accidentally “reset” some beauty. There is still a tape, which is part of the application, where you see new pictures of everyone who put you back like.

The data itself is no more dangerous than social media apps. Is that Dating new people more, hence the higher the chance to run into representatives of three dangerous categories: fraudsters, hackers and/or maniacs. We explain how to avoid it.

Top 3 date apps with real people

Tranx: Free Transgender Dating is not only the most famous Dating app in the world, but also one of the most functional. Hunters for profit, as a rule, want to get money from the victim and may be asked to transfer some amount to the phone or e-wallet. Others seek to blackmail a person and engage in extortion.

A typical example: the girl (most often-fake) asks to put it on the phone, “and the balance is almost at zero.” Then she is ready to continue communication.

There are other schemes, for example, when asked to transfer some amount to resolve an urgent issue, and then promise to call, meet and get acquainted. If you have sent money, usually the caller stops responding.

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