So, you want to be sure that woman likes you, but don’t know how to check this. Here are the top signs a woman likes you:
A woman that likes you, won’t leave you alone. If a woman is not interested in you, she will never be chasing after you.
A woman is interested to learn more about you; therefore, she asks tones of questions. This is another big sign a woman likes you. It lies in women’s nature to be curious, that is why liking a man, and they would ask him many questions to satisfy their curiosity.
If you notice a woman talking a lot about you with the others, it is another big sign she likes you.
If she flirts with you, just with you, then she likes you. Some women do flirt with everyone, however, if you notice, she flirts with you only; it is a major sign she likes you.
If you notice a woman tries to do small favors for you, she also likes you. However, here you need to distinguish with someone being nice and a woman taking initiative to do many little things for you.
A woman, trying to find excuses to be alone with you is a woman very much interested in you. No matter how busy her schedule can be, she will always find an excuse to spend time with you alone. If a woman has no time for you, it is a big sign she is not interested in you. – Asian Women Dating Site iDateAsia
If you notice a woman get jealous when she sees you amongst other women, she likes you a lot. However, make sure she is not a possessive type, as these women are jealous even to the men, whom they have no interest at all.
If she calls you to hang out with you on a regular base, she likes you, unless she sees you as a friend.
If your woman is touchy with you and not with others it is another sign she likes you.
And when a woman tells you she likes you, it means she likes you. However, be cautious with this type of women. The women, who are most verbal, are the ones to fall in and out love really quickly.