Some people manage to get into the same bad dating scenario again and again. These scenarios can be lasting or short, but they repeat again and again. These can be women, whose men are cheating on her, or women that take advantages of the men, the scenarios are really different.
One should always remember that it takes two to create a relationship. So, if you are complaining of getting into the same situation again and again, you need to ask yourself a question of what your payoffs are. What do you get from this situation? Why do you go on with the relationship if you are not happy in it? Why do you attract people of the same character or type? What your answers will be? Nobody can take care of this person, but you? You have a burning desire to save a person and change him/her?
The work on the relationship should be done on both parties and it is not about one party blaming another one in bad relationship. Even a ‘suffering’ party gets something in return in the relationship. Some people get satisfaction ‘saving’ someone, others get pleasure from ‘chasing’ people, who don’t share their feelings; some create a super girl or a super man in their minds, others just look for a financial profit, etc. We all have our reasons for being in this or that relationship.
No matter what your reason is, you should be honest with yourself and admit it is the reason of why you are stick in the same circle of attracting the same sort of people. First, find what pays you off in this relationship and then if you are ready to give it up.

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Keep in mind that people, complaining over their misfortunes, but not willing to give up their pay offs, have no interest in finding a solution. Such people are interested in leading the same life style until they get frustrated and disappointed in life, world around them, well… anything. Always remember, it is your choice and it is your hands your happiness lies in.