russianwomensTo say that the life in Russia is hard means to say nothing. It is very much so, and therefore Russian women try to change their destinies by moving to western countries and marrying western man, whom they consider kind, helpful and respectful. And they are absolutely right. Russian men have made the life of their women miserable. Namely due to their attitude and habit of taking everything for granted, many Russian womens decided to find a second half overseas.

Some people say that Russian women are looking for a better and easier life and it’s the main reason why they address marriage agencies. But who can blame them? Out life is hard enough to avoid chances of getting a shot at a decent living. That is why, those Russian ladies, who don’t want to repeat the destiny of their mothers, who have lived all their lives being almost slaves for their husbands, decide to leave the country.

In Russian they have nothing to look forward to. Russian men drink a lot, almost everyday, moreover, beer wasn’t even considered to be an alcohol up until lately. Due to this habit they frequently loose their job and are forced to fully rely on their wives, however they don’t see it that way. Due to the fact that al women in Russia are beautiful and their amount if much larger than the amount of men, they marry even those, whom, on a normal scale, will marry no one.

Due to such competition among women, Russian men consider it a tremendous feat if they finally make up their mind to propose. The wedding itself is the last joyful moment for the Russian woman, after that – she is doomed to spend her days working, doing household chores, taking care of the kids and buying groceries. And she will do everything by herself, because men are not to be bothered, because they are considered to be breadwinners and leaders of the family, while in reality they may earn much less that their wives.


Considering everything mentioned above, it comes as no surprise that’s seeing the life of the western women, who are respected, treated with care and love and given freedom, Russian women want the same for themselves. They don’t even need al those things – the great majority of them would simply like to form a loving family with a caring person, who will love and respect her and who will take good care of the kids.


Western men, in their turn, will receive a gorgeous wife, who will be hardworking, modest and kind. She will be meeting her husband with hot dinner and will be a perfect mother to the kids, should they decide to have any. The only thing Russian women lack is appreciation of what they are doing. They can put their life on hold if the husband is sick and will stay by his bed, helping him with everything.

Summing up all the abovementioned, it is worth to say that the relationship between Russian woman and western man will be very fruitful, loving and respectful. Western man will receive the wife, who will be interested in having a family, than a career, and Russian women will marry a decent person, who will respect her and appreciate everything that she will be doing for him.